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Ground conditions in construction: Solve unexpected issues

The construction industry has always had to often deal with unpredictability due to the many factors that can influence a project. One of these aspects that can really make a difference in the final outcome of a construction project is the ground conditions. Whether or not they are properly specified in the construction contract, the conditions of the construction site have a significant impact on the budget and delivery timelines.

In this article, we will explore the most common challenges faced by construction managers and project managers when dealing with unexpected ground conditions not covered in the contract. Here we will cover the following topics:

  • How to deal with soil instability
  • How to handle changes in building or facility design requirements
  • Overcoming unforeseen issues with water, gas, and electricity supply lines in construction projects
  • Finally, how to overcome obstacles in access and mobility in construction projects.

Cloud-based project management platforms are a great ally for mitigating these unexpected challenges through streamlined and effective tracking. Here, we will see why BrickControl is a powerful tool for managing unforeseen conditions in construction contracts related to ground and project locations.

Issues with Unstable Soils

Unstable soils are a common problem in construction and can cause many difficulties for construction managers. Some of the most common consequences include foundation problems, structure displacement, and the appearance of cracks in walls and floors.

To address issues with unstable soils, geotechnical engineers can use various construction project software techniques and tools to schedule construction studies and surveys for soil and for designing special foundations at the appropriate times within the construction plan.

Conducting soil studies allows for a more precise understanding of the site’s characteristics before construction work begins. Special foundation methods, such as pilings or retaining walls, can be employed to stabilize the terrain and minimize risks.

Other effective strategies include selecting suitable materials and construction techniques for the type of terrain and implementing plans for monitoring construction progress. An integrated ERP solution like BrickControl offers real-time monitoring of construction processes.

Changes in Building or Facility Design Requirements

It is common for construction managers to have to deal with unspecified conditions or changes in the contract and regulations throughout the process. These changes may be necessary due to various factors, including design changes, updated government regulations, and client requests.

Construction Project managers need to keep track of any changes in the contract, construction requirements, and other critical aspects. It is important for construction managers to be prepared to handle these changes effectively, ensuring that they are communicated to all stakeholders and that plans and schedules are updated accordingly.

An all-in-one construction management platform allows for efficient management of these changes in planning and project execution. With comprehensive management of the construction project, it is possible to mitigate the impact of unforeseen situations regarding the terrain and modifications required during the construction process.

Manage work on the field in an agile and safe way.

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues with Water, Gas, and Electricity Supply in Construction Projects

Problems with water, gas, and electricity lines are among the most common causes of delays and issues in construction projects. Leaks, ruptures, or interruptions in these services can lead to significant delays in the construction plan, as well as increased costs, as well as the risk of accidents and property damage.

Optimizing preliminary studies to determine the exact location of supply lines, selecting reliable suppliers, and planning contingencies in case of interruptions is something really important. Also, planning and coordinating the work of teams responsible for the repair and maintenance of supplies is essential to the project’s success.

Scheduling and monitoring necessary inspections and preventive revisions allow for early action on these issues and minimize their impact on the project. Through detailed incident and repair records, our ERP enables project managers to analyze the frequency and severity of problems and improve the quality and efficiency of construction processes.

Obstacles to construction sites access and mobility

Logistics in construction can pose significant challenges when it comes to unexpected ground conditions. Limited access to construction sites, as well as construction materials and workers’ transportation, can cause project delays and increased costs. To overcome these obstacles, it is important to have a solid logistics plan from the beginning of the project.

The mobility of materials and workers can present a series of logistical challenges. For example, there may be limitations on the space available for storing building materials, which may affect the efficiency of transportation and delivery. Additionally, weather conditions or road traffic can delay shipments and the movement of workers, which can affect the construction project schedule. Lack of coordination among different teams working on the construction site can also lead to logistical problems, such as overload in certain areas and a lack of supplies in others.

Construction management software like BrickControl is useful for planning efficient transport routes, monitoring the movement of materials and workers, and coordinating teamwork. This way, potential logistical issues can be anticipated and addressed proactively, enabling project managers to avoid delays and deviations in the construction project.

As we have explained in this post, unforeseen conditions in construction contracts are something real and very common. From unstable soils to changes in design requirements, and obstacles with water, gas, and electricity supply, there are many challenges that project managers and other construction professionals face.

However, there is a solution for dealing with these unforeseen work conditions. With proper planning and the use of project management software like BrickControl, it is possible to address these issues and successfully complete construction projects. Visit our construction blog for more useful content about the industry and get the most out of your construction projects.

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