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Designed for project managers, superintendents, supervisors, inspectors, and any professional who works in the management of the construction project.

Create schedules automatically, analyze the work’s progress…







Calculate the progress of the project from the work itself.

No need to wait until you get to the office! From the site itself you can set the progress of the project and update the data in BrickControl. The information will be instantly updated for your colleagues at the office.







BrickControl creates schedules for your projects automatically.

Being highly integrated, BrickControl can generate Gantt diagrams automatically from the data in the budget. The only thing you’ll have to do is adjust the start and end dates of each activity!
Not only that, but also the progress of the project and the required resources for an activity will be displayed automatically on the Gantt diagram.



Upload photos and videos to BrickControl from your mobile phone

Visit a project, take pictures and videos, upload them to BrickControl from your mobile and instantly both your colleagues and your clients with permission can access them. Is this the future? No, with BrickControl, this is the present!







Use certification to analyze the differences between what was expected and what was completed.

BrickControl will show you the project’s original plan and you will be able to compare it with what was actually completed.



Customize to your taste the presentation of documents

Easily edit templates with a word processor to customize your project status reports and certifications (logo, colors, format…).




For professionals who work in project management

(architects, engineers…)

we recommend the PROFESSIONAL edition

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Do you study projects?

Create budgets and study your project’s documents.

Do you execute projects?

Manage the day-to-day activities of the construction

Do you supervise projects?

Manage project deviations.