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The company Severe Weather speaks about BrickControl



This is a review from Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration which is a leading Denver based roofing company with expert contracts that are licensed and well trained. They also serve other areas in Colorado which include Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland and Longmont.

Matt Lee, Manager, Severe Weather  –  “Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration”


When it comes to roofing projects where there is always a huge array of tasks outline and a lot of people involved including engineers, remodelers, builders, interior designers and even finance officers having a reliable construction management software is a must and BrickControl is just one of those few software that actually stand out for us when it comes to overall project management.

Perhaps one of the features that we really love about BrickControl is its ability to create bids and estimates. Users can create a price database of most used materials and add them to a quote accordingly. All the information for the bid is stored in an easy to sort manner and detailed reports are available regarding the progress of quotes.

After the progress starts it can be tracked in the planning phase. In addition to providing real time updates on the status of the work, information can be stored within individual folders which includes certifications, permits, etc. Reports that can be documented in the planning phase also include analyzing of where resources are being spent as well as a breakdown of other costs which is a huge time saver for us especially during times that we got loads of multiple projects in various areas that we serve. The platform is especially diverse for identifying almost everything about the construction company.

The apps entity subsection is what separates BrickControl from other software that we used so far – it provides detailed information about suppliers, clients, or even employees. Also when it comes to our clients and suppliers, important info such as payment information, tax terms, invoices, past projects is securely stored and can easily be accessed by various members of the team. Storing employee information such as contact info, skills, certifications, work sheets and more is a huge plus for this software as well.

What makes BrickControl a real top-level application is the warehouse subset in the program. This allows users to track materials, items, stock, and shows orders that are in progress. Another great tool included within the platform which we use almost every time is the report generator. All the data stored within the program such as employee info, estimates, supplier ID, etc. communicates with each other to create customized reports on a timely basis. By the way, reports can be sorted and printed according to project, revenue, cash management, and more.

The software is very easy to use as most categories feature similar layouts visually. The transitions between reports are smooth and the user-interface for reports reads just as a physical piece of paper in the field would. We totally recommend giving it a go for small to large construction businesses who need a good and reliable construction business management software.