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Capterra – Top 20 Construction Management Software

Capterra – Top 20 Construction Management Software

BrickControl has been selected by Capterra as one of the 20 best worldwide software for construction project management.


Capterra is a worldwide reference when it comes to searching software for companies.

In the last graphic edition of Capterra’s report, BrickControl was included for the first time in the top 20 software for construction project management list also it was selected as the software that climbed up the most on the ranking.

We would like to express our gratitude to Capterra for acknowledging our work. We will keep pushing ourselves to improve and as a result of the contributions and suggestions made by our clients get to the top of the list. It is our users’ reviews that have placed us at the top of the list.

Some of the main highlighted features of our software are:
– Integrations with accounting software such as QuickBooks y Reviso.
– Functions of CRM for construction and builders.
– Complete digital system for inventory and stock control.
– Streamlines processes for estimating and bidding in the construction industry.
– Full cloud connectivity with html5 interface.

Want to know more about the best construction management software? Access a video demo here.

Why has BrickControl gathered so many positive reviews?

BrickControl has been reviewed several times as one of the best construction project management software. Both users and industry publications have highlighted its speed and innovative features.

BrickControl was also ranked in the Best Top 10 by Insights Success.

Capterra – Top 20 Construction Management Software